Six NASA Crew Members that Lived in a Pee-Wee Pod for a Year and Acting as They Were on Planet Mars

ARGUABLY ONE is of the place on Planet Earth that has a Mars-like environment, and to the north side of Mauna Loa is the home sweet home to six NASA crew members from where they are living for one last year. In the internal side of a cupola-shaped structure, they were up living up-to-the- minute out in a series of NASA-operated sorties designed to edify space satellite: Operation HI-SEAS, for Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation. The sorties were designed to examine the psychological quiver of long-term space travel by uniting the crew in a cooped up environment with a tantamount people. Who would spontaneously sign on for that still isn’t luminous, but WIRED confirmed out that the team will come back to habitualness this weekend.(h/t)

You’ve been washing your hands all wrong

What if we tell you that your hands must be filthy even if you have just cleaned them with a very good hand sanitizer.

Surprised? You must be.

A new study has found out that the way we have been cleaning our hands is probably not right. Which means your hands are not clean even though you have JUST cleaned them. as an alternative there is another method which has twice as many cleaning steps but it is far more reliable than the conventional method of cleaning hands. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) lists these steps as follows:

Step One: Apply the sanitizer to one palm of the hands.


Tips on How To Catch All The Pokemon Out There



Pokémon go is the new talk of the town! Who hasn’t heard of it? Niantic’s smash hit Pokémon go has managed to hit a milestone in no time at all by capturing 50 Million Downloads in Record Time, Now at More Than 75 Million Worldwide. An estimated study shows that it has been download more than 75 million times across apple and Google platforms! Now isn’t it crazy?


So for all the Pokémon Go lovers out there we have some amazing tips from the guy who has captured all the Pokémon


Johnson’s first piece of advice: Buy a comfortable pair of walking shoes . And he says the game is better at recognizing a jogging pace than a slow walk.


If you’re trying to hatch eggs, walking should be done in a straight line. As Johnson explains, the game measures distance by periodically checking in on your distance and calculating the straight-line distance between where you were versus where you are.


So if you just walk in little circles, the game won’t accurately measure how far you’ve gone, and you’ll have wasted your time and energy. “I learned that the hard way,” Johnson says.


If you’re trying to level up quickly, you want to focus on relatively common Pokémon like Pidgey and Weedle, Johnson says, because they require only 12 or 25 candy to evolve — versus the 50 or more candy it takes for rarer, more powerful beasts.


If you’re going to spend real money on Pokémon Go, he says, egg incubators are the best bang for your buck, working out to about 33 cents per egg hatched.

These are some of the clever tips from the guy is US who has captured all the Pokémons so far. So all the players out there, GET SET and GO ! Let the hunt begin


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