Tarzan and Jane undress together for the first time, but everything ends in total disaster

This is super classic love making story, i just found in on funny website yesterday,I just had to share it with you guys. I am sure you’ll laugh as hard as I did!

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15+ Amazing Travel Tattoo Ideas That Will Make You Want To Pack Your Bags ASAP

I love minimalist tattoos they are so pretty.



This one is so cute


9 Funniest New Years Resolution Tweets for 2017 – Number 8 is Hilarious

With the arrival of new year, people plan their new years resolution and try to stick to them through out the year. Some of them commit themselves to quit smoking/alcohol, some plan to get married and a large number of individuals plan to join gym from 1st January. Below are the funniest new years resolutions we found on twitter for 2017.










The judge gave the verdict against 19 Year Old, She Had to Walk 30 Miles as a Punishment

Michael Cicconetti, a judge famous for his unusual punishments has made it once again to the news. This time the victim is a 19 year old girl who didn’t paid $100 fare to a cab driver. Bascom, with one of her friends took a ride in a cap from Cleveland to Painesville. The distance is approx 30 miles and costed $100 which Bascom choose to skip and didn’t paid.

At first, Bascom wasn’t taking it seriously and was expecting a fine while presenting to court, but the verdict came as a shock for her as Cicconetti gave her 2 simple choices, either to go to Jail for 30 days or walk 30 miles in 48 hours. Bascom surely didn’t want to stay in Jail for 30 days therefore chooses the second option.

The 30 miles journey was planned at Lake County Fairgrounds where she would do a lap which was of half a mile, means 60 long laps in 48 hours. When media reporters talked to her about the punishment, she responded as follows.
“I’m kind of upset about the sentence because I’m thinking I was going to go in and have to just pay a fine, but I end up almost getting jail time, so I guess I’m kind of lucky he gave me this option.”

The Judge, Cicconetti also visited the place to check the progress, and had a little surprise for poor girl, which you can watch in a video embedded below.

18+ Cat pictures which shows cats needs personal space too

Cats no doubt ruins their owner personal space but when it comes to their space they don’t compromise on it.

1. Attractive Cat
2. Studying in annoying
3. These cute little paws
4. Open it up
5. Stay away

Interesting Facts about Odd-eyed cat

Odd-Eyed cats are the type of cats which has both eyes of the different color like one might be blue and other green or the combination of other eyes.
The reason is complete heterochromia. Heterochromia is difference coloration in hair and skin but mostly in the iris. It takes place due to lack of melanin caused by genetic mosaicism or injury or might be inherited.
This odd coloring is the results of either dominat white gene (epistatic) or white gene spotting preventing melanin particle to reach one eye before the development. It occurs when cats lack both white gene and this is rarely possible.
All the kittens are born with blue eyes and might change in early newborn age.

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