Hospice Resident, Whose Only Wish Is to Snuggle Kittens, Gets Her Wish Granted

A Hospice resident got her last wish granted and her last wish was to snuggle a kitten.
When Carol was called by the staff at Groves Community Hospice, there lived a cat lover who just wanted to snuggle the kittens. The staff was very determined about fulfilling the last wish of the old lady. They approached the Great Plains SPCA for the help.
Great Plains SPCA said that “We all know that pets can sometimes be just what the doctor ordered.” So when they came to known about the wish, they couldn’t say no.

20+ Pregnant Women Who Absolutely Rocked Their Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just about to hit us in a couple of days and everyone is very excited about what to wear to look perfect and unique. Women with their baby bump are also in. Here are some inspirational and unique ideas for them. Share and enjoy.(h/t)

1. Best costume
2. And the babie is having a ride
3. Capture me too
4. Juno and Bleek
5. Perfect Avocado

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