12+ Reasons Why You Should Own a Black Cat

4. They are sexier

Black is the color which goes with every other color and so do the black cats. A person who takes picture with a black cat, looks more cool and slimmer.

5. Love

Black cat is considered as a good luck sign for unmarried and single woman in Japan. They are more likely to meet love of their life soon.

6. Aging

While growing old, black cat’s starts to turn grey like humans and look sexy with pepper shade.

One thought on “12+ Reasons Why You Should Own a Black Cat”

  1. I had 2 black cats, none of them turned grey when aging, and actually remained solid black when aging; I’ve now a black female cat, with only a little white triangle on the belly, she is 3 years and still very black, so i can confirm this story about coulour changin is a lengend, black cats are really adorable, intelligent, carin and adorable!!! my present cat, Haribo, agrees with me!

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