12+ Reasons Why You Should Own a Black Cat

9. Relationship

They are distantly related to black panthers and owns same stunning looks like the panther does.

10. Helps in cleaning

Black cats are terrific to find cobwebs and whisks the dust.

11. Cleaning hair of black cats

It is easy to spot and clean the falling hair of a black cat.

12. Claws are easy to cut

We don’t have to squint our eyes to a black cat to cut the claws of this cat.

One thought on “12+ Reasons Why You Should Own a Black Cat”

  1. I had 2 black cats, none of them turned grey when aging, and actually remained solid black when aging; I’ve now a black female cat, with only a little white triangle on the belly, she is 3 years and still very black, so i can confirm this story about coulour changin is a lengend, black cats are really adorable, intelligent, carin and adorable!!! my present cat, Haribo, agrees with me!

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