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Facing the world’s challenges everyday is a stressful job. Each and every single day we to work hard and achieve something in less amount of time which sometimes ends up as depression or you getting stressed. Lucky for you, we know just the right way to relieve your stress. The best way to relieve stress is to go online and surf for some funny images or pictures.

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20+ Pregnant Women Who Absolutely Rocked Their Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just about to hit us in a couple of days and everyone is very excited about what to wear to look perfect and unique. Women with their baby bump are also in. Here are some inspirational and unique ideas for them. Share and enjoy.(h/t)

1. Best costume
2. And the babie is having a ride
3. Capture me too
4. Juno and Bleek
5. Perfect Avocado

I Photograph 15+ Adorable Fat Cats (Cats are so full of cuteness)

Though these cats are fat but they are so damn adorable and soft as snowball.(h/t)

1. Ducan

She likes sidewalks infront of them.

2. Evie

She loves to follow shadows.

3. Donuts

She loves everyone.

12+Horror Stories of Customers Proving Retail Workers Deserve a Damn Medal

Customer Service Nightmare is like

1. Mis-steak

“I used to work in a small supermarket and we had a lady return a disposable barbecue because ‘it’s just got lumps of black stuff in it.’ She had seen the picture on the front of the box that showed burgers and sausages on it and assumed they came with the barbecue.”

2. Grumpy Customer

“I used to work at Domino’s Pizza, and as most will know, they do a ‘Two for Tuesday’ buy-one-get-one-free deal. A customer phones and tells me she would like ‘A Two for Tuesday please.’ I say, ‘Ma’am, it’s Thursday.’ She grumpily replies, ‘I would still like a Two For Tuesday.’”

3. Rachel ruined his Christmas

“I worked on a deli counter and a man came in 10 minutes before closing time on Christmas Eve and lost his shit when he realized we had run out of pork pies. After shouting at me for 10 minutes he told me that I had ruined not only this Christmas for him, but every subsequent Christmas after because he would always remember the Christmas he had to go pork pie-less. I apologized and asked if he would like to speak to the manager, and he replied, ‘It’s not your manager that’s ruined my Christmases, it’s you [*pauses to look at my name badge*] RACHEL,’ and then stormed off.”

4. Rules are rules

“I work at a bank and a customer once presented his plumber’s ID to do a withdrawal. When I told him that it wasn’t an acceptable form of ID he replied, ‘You have your rules, I have my rules.’”

The Best Diary Comparison Ever. Who Ever Said Cats Are Evil?

The Dog Diary


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The 20+ Hilarious photos of cats and dogs struggling against human furniture. #9 made me laugh hard!

Cats and dogs are best mates of human beings. They used to live in an environment which is for both human and animal friendly. Sometimes the animal fails to manage. Following pictures with prove it.

1. I am slipped


2. Let me take a Quick nap


3. Don’t Distribute


4. What the Hell


16+ Funny Tweets about Cats

Cat love it when they give their owners tough time but whatever cats do is the typical cat behavior. We are sharing some funny tweets by the cat owners which can only a cat owner can understand.

1. No comprise on my cat


2. Whatever happens is because my wife wants it to happen


3. I regret it


4. CatWoman