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9 Funniest New Years Resolution Tweets for 2017 – Number 8 is Hilarious

With the arrival of new year, people plan their new years resolution and try to stick to them through out the year. Some of them commit themselves to quit smoking/alcohol, some plan to get married and a large number of individuals plan to join gym from 1st January. Below are the funniest new years resolutions we found on twitter for 2017.










20+ Funniest Blonde Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Way Harder Than You Should

Blondes have been a part of many jokes since ages. People make funny blonde jokes every now and then. Being Blonde have been considered being dumb by many though its just a misconception but with this idea they fit perfectly in funny jokes! No doubt ethically its not the right thing to do but just for few laughs its not even that bad to crack funny blonde jokes sometimes! Enjoy these jokes!









20 Dirty Jokes On Internet #11 Is So Dirty You Will Need A Shower

We all have a friend in our circle whose mind always thinks dirty! When we hang out that particular friend will have the dirtiest jokes ready to crack us all up! Be it a topic of full innocence, that dirty minded friend will surely make it into a dirty joke! From edible items to sports and other friends, and what not, this dirty friend of ours will make us take out a totally notorious point of view! Here are one of best dirty jokes that will not only send us into laughter fits but these will also remind us of that friend of ours!






Dirty Jokes


Funny Dirty Jokes



The Best Irish Joke Ever. This Is Gold.

Take a little time to read this, and have a good laugh!

She Was Shocked How This Man Who Wanted To Date Her Reacted To Her Paraplegic Son. This Is Beautiful.


She Heard A Weird Buzzing Noise From Her Daughter’s Bedroom. But What Followed Is Hilarious.