How To Make a Red Velvet Halloween Brain Cake !

So halloween is around the corner and we all have been thinking to come up with some pretty creative treats to make this halloween amazing. If you are in search of something unique then you have found it ! This halloween try to make this amazing brain red velvet cake. It looks creepy and tastes amaizng. But wait, this is halloween is all about isnt it ?

1. Make a regular red velvet in a shape of the brain. I-made-this-red-velvet-BRAIN-CAKE-for-the-premiere-of-the-WALKING-DEAD4__880

2.Shower it with syrup and raspberry jamI-made-this-red-velvet-BRAIN-CAKE-for-the-premiere-of-the-WALKING-DEAD3__880

3.Roll your fondant into ropes, and twizzle it into brain tissue. Yes, twizzle is the technical term

I-made-this-red-velvet-BRAIN-CAKE-for-the-premiere-of-the-WALKING-DEAD2__880 (1)

4. Tada ! Your brain cake it ready !

5. Try to eat the amazing cake with your hands. Afterall, Zombies arent aware of forks !


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