New “Duck Lanes” in London, For the Birdies Only.

Did you know about the new  Duck Lanes made along side waterway paths in London, Birmingham, and Manchester ? This is a new and very innovative initiativeare with an aim to encourage people to be thoughtful of the animals they share the road with when walking or biking. These Duck Lanes are chalked with images of Ducks with a white boundary which is to be used by birds only.

London Towpath Ranger, Dick Vincent has told “We’ve painted in duck lanes on the tow path, just to highlight…[that] there’s only so much space you can share..[a]nd actually probably ducks need the priority,” The motto is “share the space; drop your pace; it’s a special place.”


1. Be Careful with that Bike Mister


2. Just Chatting and Walking


3. This Space is Reserved


4. Its only permissible for the Duckie to Cross the White Line.


5. They are Certainly Enjoying this


6. This looks Interesting


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