Phones Removed From Photos To Show How Terribly Addicted We’ve Become

Cellphones are the basic need and who doesn’t carry one? but unfortunately we have become so addicted to this technology and it is slowly destroying our social lives without us realizing it. A photographer has removed phones from his pictures to show how different it would be if we are to give our undivided attention to the best moments in our lives.

1. Cook or text?

2. Better sleep than stare into space.portraits-holding-devices-removed-eric-pickersgill-2

3. When a friend calls you for hangout.portraits-holding-devices-removed-eric-pickersgill-5

4. Too romantic to even bear.portraits-holding-devices-removed-eric-pickersgill-9

5. The happy couple


6. Fun time outportraits-holding-devices-removed-eric-pickersgill-12

7. The busy kidsportraits-holding-devices-removed-eric-pickersgill-13

8. Too much lost

9. Happily marriedportraits-holding-devices-removed-eric-pickersgill-22

10. Growing old togetherportraits-holding-devices-removed-eric-pickersgill-24

11. What a company.portraits-holding-devices-removed-eric-pickersgill-28

12. Like mother Like daughterportraits-holding-devices-removed-eric-pickersgill-30

13. The bitter realityportraits-holding-devices-removed-eric-pickersgill-33

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