11 Funniest Back-To-School Gifs That You Can Surely Relate

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11 Funniest Back-To-School Gifs That You Can Surely Relate

A tough semester always leave you broken with no one to collect your pieces. But atleast you can relate with these hilarious gifs while getting ready for another tough week.

When you are a student, you hate school pressure and need a break. But when you enter the real corporate life, you realize how fun and easy your life was. But then you remember the tough time your teachers gave you and are happy that school is over. In any case, you can relate with these funny gifs that will make your day.

1. When You Are Just Done With It



When your semester seems like never-ending and you are just done with it. Every day you go to school feeling like a hulk and counting the days till the semester break.

2. It's Time To Learn



When your teacher is forcing you to learn more and more stuff and you can't even remember the first class's lesson. 

3. When School Gets In Between You And Your Me Time



When you are trying to have some good me time but guess what, school is here to intrude.

4. They Are Here To Drag You Back To School



When you think of skipping a class but then you remember you have to graduate to pay back the student loans or else they will haunt you forever.

5. Sleep Or School



When you just want to cry and sleep and of course skip the class for real this time.

6. I'm On Vacation



When you were supposed to be on vacation but sadly summer vacations are over and its time to face reality. 

7. The Loop



When you are trying to get the school but as usual school gets you.

8. Stuck With Your Teacher



When you are excited to meet your friends but then you realize you are going to be stuck with your teachers once again.

9. School Or A Bouncing Ball?



When school is more of a large bouncing ball that keeps hitting you with no way to escape. 

10. Back To School



In no mood to go back to school but then who will prove to dad that I am not a fool?

11. School Is Almost Over



When you are sad that school is about to over and no matter how torturous that place is, you will still miss it.


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