13 Funny Moms And Dads Who Are Too Cool To Be Parents

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13 Funny Moms And Dads Who Are Too Cool To Be Parents

If you make bad puns then you must be a parent. Just like these 13 savage moms and dads who are rocking the internet with their hilarious jokes.

1. My dad bought a snorkel for the sole purpose of taking naps in the pool.


.via Skyler Nitschke


2. Well, I wasn't expecting that. Thanks, Mom.


via valerious .


3. You know your pops is committed to dad jokes when he stops in the middle of a six-hour drive in Wyoming just to take this picture.


via Mechanicalmama 


4. My pops can't fly back to Houston cause of the hurricane so he going to grad school with my sister. She is pissed.


via @ometeanassi


5. My dad is a senior software engineer at Google, this is his work laptop.


via nbhcannibal


6. My mom just gasped and came into the front room and said: "I peed on the floor."


via ncteaser.


7. My mom asked me what I will get if I put my wand in the Chamber of Secrets.


via glass-darling


8. My dad finally found out of my tattoo and won't stop giving me shit for it.


via teenagepuppy



via teenagepuppy


9. My mom making Mammograham for breast cancer fundraising.


.via Mammo-Grahams


10. My dad has just taken dad jokes to a whole new level.


via jess_huntx


11. My mom also feel tire.


via auldron


12. My mom just sent me this of my dad.


via paigealban


13. Mom dressed up as her son for Halloween.

via Flintor



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