13 Things People Just Can't Unsee Once They Know About Them

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13 Things People Just Can't Unsee Once They Know About Them

A question on Reddit was made by a curious user who asked people to share things that they could not unsee once they knew about them. To our surprise, numerous Reddit people came to give funny answers.

A Reddit user asked the community an interesting question.

What's something you can't unsee once someone points it out?

(via u/JAG1117 )


The Response To The Post Was Epic And Hilarious. Soon The Thread Gained Attention Of Many.

1. "That a bear is hidden in the Toblerone logo."

Via LeMinerWithCheese



2. "Kim Possible's mouth looks like a mustache."

Via Abelutzu


Disney Channel


3. "Tom Cruise's middle tooth."

Via TheRogueToad


Getty Images



4. "The word 'bed' kinda looks like a bed."

via -eDgAR-


5. "The arrow in-between the E and the X on the FedEx logo."

Via kitten451






6. "In Super Mario Bros. for the NES, the clouds are the same graphic as the bushes, just a different color."

Via BigjobsDunsmall


Nintendo Entertainment Systems



7. "The Vans logo looks like the square root of the answer."

Via DreadPirate616





8.  "How a capital A looks like the tip of a pencil."

Via squidills

9.  "In the 7-Eleven logo, the N is the only lowercase letter."

 Via DonViaje





10. "Megan Fox’s toe thumbs."

Via maddymaelie


Getty Images



11. "Colonel Sander's bowtie looks like his stick figure body."

Via Raw_Baby_Steaks




12. "Dr Pepper is spelled without a period after Dr."

Via DoubleEagle25


Dr Pepper



13. "The Chicago Bulls logo upside down is a robot reading a book."

Via JexFraequin


Chicago Bulls




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