17 Spine-Chilling Movie Villains Of All Time That We Love To Hate

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17 Spine-Chilling Movie Villains Of All Time That We Love To Hate

These creepiest antagonists will make you wonder who lives in your neighborhood. Though these bad boys were successful in terrifying us but still, we somehow love these villains or maybe we love to hate these villains.

We might never be able to forget these famous bad boys because of their atrocious wickedness in our favorite movies. When they appear at our tv screens, we just can't take our eyes off as if they will come out of the screen if we do so. Yes, that's how they have terrorized us but still, we love them. 

1. Keyser Söze 



Keyser Söze from the movie 'The Usual Suspects' is a crime lord whose ruthless ways have made him the most wanted among the police. This character was inspired by a real-life American mass murderer John Emil List who killed his wife, mother and three children on November 9, 1971, at their home in New Jersey.

2. The Joker 



The Joker from the film " The Dark Knight " was such a chaotic mad character amazingly portrayed by Australian actor Heath Ledger. The Joker was a psychopathic mastermind and a mass murderer with a sad sense of humor that send chills down one's spine.

3. Harry Lyme



Harry Lyme was a burglar who along with Marvin Murchins, formed a group "Wet Bandits" and planned to rob a 10-year old boy Kevin McCallister's home when he was alone. He impersonated an officer to get the news from the house and also tried to kill the 10-year old boy but was unsuccessful at his attempts. 

4. Hans Gruber 



Hans Gruber from the movie 'Die Hard' is one horrifying villain whose thick voice is enough to send chills down your spine. He is considered one of the greatest movie villains of all time.

5. Judge Smails 



Judge Smails is the fictional character from the 1980 American Sports Comedy Movie  'Caddyshack'. He was one funny spoiled rich uncle who cheated at golf, welched on his bets, threw golf clubs at people regularly, and allegedly molested collies.

6. Darth Vader



Darth Vader is a primary antagonist in the Star Wars Franchise. He is one of the most iconic villains in popular culture and was the father of  Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia in the movie.

7. Voldemort 



Who doesn't know this villain who must not be named? Lord Voldemort who is the most powerful dark wizard of all time and the Dark Lord of the Death Eaters. He kills the good wizards so that he can take over the wizarding world and rule it in his dark racialist way.

8. T-1000 - 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day'



This is one of the scariest villains with shape-shifting abilities and is composed of a liquid metal cyborg. It can be transformed into various forms and this ability enable it to form its hands into stabbing blades, slip through physical openings by oozing its liquid form, and instantly reform itself from any physical damage. 

9. Jack Torrance 



Jack Torrance, a fictional character from the film 'The Shining' is a drunk psychotic character that tries to kill his own family. He is not a bad father and husband but he succumbs to some supernatural forces and grows hate against his own family.

10. Michael Myers



Michael Myers from 'Halloween' Franchise was exactly like the villain you imagined as a kid. He has a ghostly appearance, is huge with a creepy mask and makes weird noises. Yes, he doesn't even need to communicate, get ready to be scared by him in your nightmares.

11. Hannibal Lecter 



Hannibal Lecter from the movie 'The Silence of the Lambs'  is a respected Baltimore forensic psychiatrist, as well as a cannibalistic serial killer. Besides being a killer, he is also a brilliant cook that will make you watch every scene of the movie or else he might get out of the tv screen.

12. Biff Tannen



Biff Tannen from the trilogy " Back To The Future " is an aggressive and violent bully who gets his work done by intimidating others. He is a crazy character that is amazingly portrayed by Thomas F. Wilson, he appears stupid and pathetic who is shown to misuse idioms.

13. Sidney "Sid" Phillips



Sid is the main antagonist from the movie "Toy Story". He has green eyes, metal braces and is the only kid that knows toys are alive. He is a mass murderer of the toys and dresses like a psychotic doctor to carry out unnecessary operations on toys for his pleasure. Such a creepy kid he is. 

14. Patrick Bateman 



Patrick Bateman - 'American Psycho' is a wealthy, materialistic banker who is leading a double life as a psychopathic serial killer. He has such a personality that at first you will be confused that he can be such a cruel man.

15. John Doe



John Doe from 'Se7en' will make you wonder who is living in your neighborhood. The character with his calm demeanor looks so real that at first, it's difficult to accept he can be such a creepy villain.

16. Judge Doom



Judge Doom is the antagonist from the movie 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit'. This cruel judge is such a racist that he wants to wipe out an entire generation off the earth that too his people. Thus he was called the Hitler of the cartoon characters.

17. Hans Landa



Hans Landa is a fictional character from 2009 Quentin Tarantino film  'Inglorious Basterds'. He is called "the Jew Hunter" in the movie for his uncanny ability to locate Jews hiding throughout Occupied France. He was portrayed in the movie as an intelligent, opportunistic, arrogant, ruthless, and sarcastic sociopathic with a creepy smile on his face who is very proud of his fearsome reputation. 


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