17 Celebrity Wax Figures That Went Wrong And Fans Are Unhappy

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17 Celebrity Wax Figures That Went Wrong And Fans Are Unhappy

Celebrity wax figures are something that have to be perfect. But this is not the case with these 17 wax figures of our favorite stars. We wonder have the makers even seen the celebrities before making the statues?

1. Justin Beiber


Via Bkstg


Justin Bieber's Statue at Madame Tussauds doesn't give us the singer's feels. Though the singer did had this haircut for some time it still doesn't look the same. 

2. Miley Cyrus


via popcrush


What's wrong with Miley's eyes and lips? If this statue was up during the Hannah Montanna days then the fans must have been so disappointed.

3. Michael Jackson


Via MaughtsManor


Michael Jackson luckily has so many wax figures that we will digest this one. It's the saddest wax figure ever created and doesn't resemble Michael Jackson in any way.

4. Naomi Campbell


Via Ohaiimian


Naomi Campbell looks super scary in this wax figure.  Seriously are we talking about our favorite supermodel here? We are utterly disappointed but sadly we can't do anything.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio


Via tastytesticles


Even Leonardo DiCaprio's wax figure is disappointed by how he was made. Just look at the thin lips and dead eyes.

6. Emilia Clarke


Via Bombabouse


This wax figure successfully changed Emilia Clarke's entire personality. Her nose and eyes look so off. Her hair is the only thing that makes it look like Emilia Clark's wax figure.

7. Justin Timberlake


Via roberkessler


The closer we look, the creepier it gets.  Seriously can someone do justice with Justin Timberlake's wax figure?

8. Zac Efron


Via 1chwingum


That's our teenage crush Zac Efron we are talking about. My heart sinks when I look at his plastic smile and edgy nose.

9. Lindsay Lohan


Via swtevl


At first glance, you won't realize that this wax figure here is of none other than our star Lindsay Lohan.  Something is wrong with her face, it just doesn't look like her. Maybe it's because of her stiff-lipped smile or still eyes.

10.  Julia Roberts


Via moodoftheday21


We must admit it's the worst wax figure we have ever seen.  Her face cut, lips, eyes, and nothing look the same. Yes, that's how bad it is.

11. Brad Pitt


Via ShazeerHussain


First of all, why do the parents look so sad posing in front of their newborn baby? Secondly, Brad Pitt is supposed to be a dad here but why does he look more of a stalker instead? Their expressions need to be worked on.

12.  Jennifer Lopez


Via shadypopflop


We don't even need to tell how terrible it looks.  Jennifer Lopez looks like a serial killer on the loose. She is a freaking queen and you are not supposed to do this with a queen.

13. Ariana Grande


Via Complex


Her outfit and signature ponytail is up to the mark but her face is not at all like Ariana Grande. But still, it's not that bad.

14. Zayn Malik


Via MadameTussauds


Zayn's eye color and lips look so fake and creepy. This big plastic smile is opposite to the Zayn Malik of these days.

15. Ben Affleck


Via BostonGlobe


Ben Affleck's expression looks so stiff and sad at the same time. We hope he hasn't seen it himself or else he might get sad in real.

16. Beyonce


Via breakusdown


 Beyonce's wax figure is so absolutely not Beyonce. Have the makers ever seen the singer? She looks like some barbie doll with not so cool hair.

17. Nicki Minaj


Via Karen Civil


Nicki Minaj's wax figure was removed from the museum because of the many tourists that started taking inappropriate pictures with her. We hope her next wax figure will not disappoint Nicki and her fans.


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