19 Funny Shower Thoughts That Are Actually Very Deep

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19 Funny Shower Thoughts That Are Actually Very Deep

Thses 19 shower thoughts are going to keep your mind occupied for your next shower. Seriously don't we feel like a genius at that time?

1. An Actor Pretending To Be Not An Actor



2. Movies without Sci-Fi?



3. Your Parents Calling You Handsome Because They Made You



4. You Realize How Loud Things Can Be At 3 Am



5. If B.C. Times Is Colorful Then Why 1930s Is Black And White?



6. You Must Have Over A Hundred Kids According To Your Balls



7. Trash Cans Near Airport Check-In Must Be Full With Variety Of Drugs



8. But We Are Lucky Enough To Jerk Off



9. Who Is The One That Actually Started This Contagious Chain?



10. Some People Don't Even Know What Pizza Is



11. The Easiest Way To Make Enemies



12. The Ocean Level Slightly Increases



13. Dogs Are Taller When They Sit



14. At 113, You Are A Teen Again



15. Microwave Would Be 100% Useable With Even Only One Button



16. How Often You Jump In Real Life That Too On Purpose



17. Male Models With 6 Packs On 3XL Boxer Packages



18. You Are Your Partner's Choice



19. 1920 Kids' Must Have Thought We Have Flying Cars





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