Babies That Just Can't Get Over Their Fake Eyebrows

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Babies That Just Can't Get Over Their Fake Eyebrows

These adorable babies are very happy with their new eyebrows. Though they are confused about their new looks you can see the happiness in their eyes as they are finally taken seriously.

Babies never really know what is this thing called eyebrows. When some parents drew the eyebrows on their babies, they couldn't hide their surprised expressions. Some were amazed by the new look, some confused while some started feeling bossy. See for yourself their funny expressions and enjoy.

1. What Have You Done Mommy?



2. I Love My New Eyes Brows



3. Now Finally Everyone Will Take Me Seriously



4. I Look Cute, Don't I



5. You Should Have Done This Before Mommy



6. I Own The World Now




7. But Wait Is It Permanent?




8. Show Me The Mirror



9. What Did You Do?





10. I Look Funny




11. I Feel Like Daddy




12. What do you think?




13. We Are The Boss Babies Now



14. I Have Authority Now




15. Thank You, Mommy



16. We Are Very Happy Now




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