Before And After Photos Of A Five-Year-Old Girl On Her First Day At School Goes Viral

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Before And After Photos Of A Five-Year-Old Girl On Her First Day At School Goes Viral

According to the five-year old's mum, Lucie said, she did “Nothing much” on her first day back to school.

1. Excited to set off to school 


Photo: Facebook 


Before and after photos of a 5-year old girl on her first day at school has gone viral after her hilarious reaction after just one day of classes. Lucie Falconer, from Glasgow, was excited to set off to school for the first time. The girl, who likes to stay clean according to her mom dressed up in her ironed uniform and clean socks with hair nicely pulled back hair with a matching ribbon posed for the pictures before she left home. 


2. By the end of the day, Lucie was a complete mess


Photo: Facebook 


By the end of the day, Lucie was a complete mess. Her hair was in a disheveled state and uniform in a battered state too. Her unicorn bag also slung on her shoulders in a defeated state. Amused by the difference between her two states, Jill took her before and after pictures and posted on Facebook. Lucie's pictures got thousands of likes, getting hilarious responses from the Internet. Jill has also agreed to let a local newspaper put them on their page.
The mum said, “She absolutely loves school and this was her first day in P2 so she absolutely loved having her new things on.”


3. “She'd obviously had a really fun day”


Photo: Facebook 


When asked what happened to her, Lucie's response was more interesting than anything. Jill when asked her girl what she had been up to? The 5-year old responded, “Nothing much.” Jill says Lucie's kindergarten teachers are amazing, “The wonders of primary two. The teachers are really good, they do a lot of active learning and things with them - so I take it it was down to that.”
She added, “She'd obviously had a really fun day.”
Jill likes to take spontaneous pictures. They are less posed and more real for her. She knew, if she told her daughter beforehand that she was taking pictures, Lucie would have said no. The mum added, “I knew if I'd asked her for a picture, she would have said no, because of the mess of her. She likes to be clean and things.”

 4. Barrhead News said the pictures were it's "favourite" set of back to school pictures


Photo: Facebook 


Jill later forwarded her husband the pictures she took. The couple found the pictures hilarious and decided to share it with friends and family and thus, shared on their Facebook. Little did they know, the pictures will be a hit among other parents too. They later sent the photos to Barrhead News, which said the images were its “favourite” set of back-to-school pictures.

“I don't think they quite anticipated how it would spread,” Jill said.

Jill says, Lucie “taken it in her stride” and has been telling everyone “Oh, I'm famous”. She added, “I think she's still just a bit too young to understand.”


5. Other parents also posted before and after pictures of their kids


Photo: Facebook 


As Lucie's before and after pictures became viral on Facebook, lots of other parents also came forward with their own before and after school pictures of their kids. Laura's four-year-old daughter Harper was “so excited” for her first day at school near their home in Broxburn and looked a mess on her way back home.
“I said to her, 'your shoes are on the wrong feet,' and she said: 'But I had a great day today mummy,'” said Laura.



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