Famous Fitness Trends From The 70s That Make Us Miss That Time

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Famous Fitness Trends From The 70s That Make Us Miss That Time

From low-fat diets to workout tapes and machines, 70s was an era of mental health and peace. What we see today as self-care was first introduced by nutritionists like Adelle Davis in the 70s. Today we combined 13 famous fitness trends from the past that are the main reason of today's self-love.

1. Low-Fat




In the 1980s, people started taking a low-fat diet to improve their health. But in actual they were gaining weight because low-fat in the diet means a high level of sugar.

2. The Sleeping Beauty Diet



One of the most famous wellness trends in the 70s was The Sleeping Beauty Diet. The purpose was to avoid eating since you can't eat while sleeping. But the trend became dangerous when people started taking sedatives to do so.

3. Electric Muscle Stimulators



Electric Muscle Stimulators were used in the 70s to help out Olympic athletes. They used to increase or decrease activity in the nervous system. The main purpose was to strengthen the muscles, speed up the muscle recovery and increase the muscle size. 

4. Nautilus Workout Machines



Nautilus Workout Machines provided resistance training to the users to stay fit. It was not only popular in the 70s but you can still find them online. 

5. Step Aerobics



This workout was created by Gin Miller in the 80s. It gained popularity and even expanded to gyms because it was a low-impact workout designed for beginners and people with injuries. 

5.  The Cookie Diet 



Cookie diet isn't what you think it is. But it still sounds fun, it was created by Dr. Sanford Siegal to control hunger. According to Dr. Sanford's website, the low-calorie cookies contain top-secret amino acid protein blend that helps in controlling hunger. 

6. Buns of Steel



Buns of steel that featured athlete and health-club owner Greg Smithey was one of the most famous workout tapes in the 70s and 80s along with Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons.

7. Richard Simmons Tapes



Richard Simmons Tapes were the legends in the fitness industry. Simmons himself struggled with weight thus stepped in the fitness industry and took it by storm. His tapes such as Sweatin’ to the Oldies and Dance Your Pants Off would sale millions of copies. 

8. Jazzercise



Jazzercise is still practiced in gyms and dance classes after decades of it being introduced. It was created by Judi Shepherd Missett in 1969 and had only 15 students at the start but soon it got bigger and bigger because of its unique and fun techniques.

9.  Lean Cuisines


 Lean Cuisines was one of the many low-calorie frozen meals that became a trend in the 80s. It advertised as containing up to only 300 calories and became a hit as soon as it entered the fitness market.

10. Jane Fonda’s Workout



Jane Fonda published a Jane Fonda’s Workout Book in the 80s and it became a Newyork Times best-seller. She even released a VHS called Jane Fonda’s Workout that sold 17 million copies worldwide. You can also find this workout online if you are interested in learning it in Jane Fonda's way.

11. Slim-Fast




It seems that people in the 70s were very conscious of their weight.  Slim-fast was a  powdered formula introduced by S. Daniel Abraham and was meant to be mixed in low-fat milk. It was a replacement for lunch and breakfast with calories up to 1200. It didn't gain that popularity and was reintroduced in the early 80s. It 1984, it hit $197 million and became a huge success in the fitness industry.

12. Dexatrim



Dexatrim created by S. Daniel Abraham was an appetite suppressant commonly prescribed for allergies. Diet pills were very common in the 80s but they along with Dexatrim were removed from shelves because of them being linked with an increased possibility of strokes. 


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