High School Teacher Lets One Of His Student To Sleep In Class, Explains The Reason On Social Media

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High School Teacher Lets One Of His Student To Sleep In Class, Explains The Reason On Social Media

Meet Monte Syrie, a high school teacher who is probably the favorite teacher of his students. Syrie's twitter thread in which the high school teacher explained the reasons why he let one of his student to sleep in his class got viral on social media for all the right reasons.

1. Syrie tries to handle each student according to their circumstances




We live in times where almost everyone is struggling. Whether you are a student or a working person, everyone is fighting their own battle. It's tough out there for each one of us. What we need is more people who are emphatic and kind to each other. This one high school teacher at Cheney High School in Cheney, Washington, knows kids don't have it easy these days anymore.

Like any other teacher, Monte Syrie tries to keep his students engaged with his lessons by planning out interesting activities and creative lessons. Along with this, Syrie understands that his students bear other responsibilities in life apart from appearing in his classes. With the thought in mind, Syrie tries to handle each student according to their circumstances.


2. "Smile or Frown"




One interesting activity that Syrie has planned for his class is “Smile or Frown,” in this activity students report to their teacher whether they are going to smile or frown for the rest of the class that day. The explanation behind this idea is not to simply know about student's smiling or frowning situation but it's more for Syrie to know how his students are doing in their lives. If they are feeling happy or sad, then what are the reasons behind it.

Syrie carried out the activity just like any other day and one of his students Meg explained to her teacher how she was stressed out because of her sports activities and certain conditions at home. That day Meg dozed of in class and Syrie didn't wake her up and let her sleep.

3. Teachers should learn to follow their instincts more than their rule books




Pondering over the recent interaction with Meg, Syrie took to Twitter to share his thoughts with the world. The now-viral thread explained that even though sleeping in the class is considered disrespectful to the teacher and considered “outside the boundaries” of a responsible or attentive teacher. Syrie says that though he is sympathetic to the situation but teachers should also learn to follow their “instincts” and instead of following the rule book strictly they should be considerable to the kid's circumstances too.

Syrie summed up his pondering with the final words, “In a different room, Meg may have been written up for sleeping in class and given a zero for a missing essay, but she wasn’t in a different room; she was in my room. My room . . . I can’t control the world outside . . . but I can give her a break. She was not being rude or disrespectful yesterday when she nodded off. She was tired.”


4. Goal of changing how the teachers and the educators work together with the kids




Syrie's tweet was applauded by the Twitter users and the teacher was appreciated by people for his kind thinking. Working for the betterment of his profession and to build a better child-teacher relationship Syrie also runs a personal blog called Project 180, which has the goal of changing the way teachers and educators work with kids. In his blog,, Syrie shares his class activites and writes inspirational posts for the parents, teachers and the students too. 

5. Breaking the stereotypes!






Syrie's actions are breaking the stereotype of a typical teacher. Setting new trends, Syrie is helping his students build their confidence by pushing them out of their comfort zones and planning interesting new activities for his class. Syrie shares the activities on his blog too to inspire other teachers. Do you ever had a teacher who was like Syrie? We would love to know more about it, do let us know more in the comments.



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