Maid Of Honor Crashes Sister's Wedding By Appearing Dressed Up As A T-Rex

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Maid Of Honor Crashes Sister's Wedding By Appearing Dressed Up As A T-Rex

Everyone dreams of a perfect fairy tale wedding. Most importantly before their big day, most people pray for a wedding that goes smoothly without any hinders. But this maid of honor crashes her sister's wedding by appearing dressed up as a T-Rex

1. Surprising The Guests At The Wedding!




Christina’s sister, Deanna Adams, asked her sister to be her maid of honor at her wedding. In addition to that, she even gave her the choice to wear whatever she wanted to. Our guess here is that either Deanna does not know her sister well or trusted her sister that she won't dare to pull such a stunt on her wedding day.

Because Christina did exactly opposite of what she was expected to and attended the wedding as a maid of honor sporting the costume of a giant T-Rex.

2. A Giant Dinosaur Carrying Flowers In Hand




Deanna probably did not expect her sister to walk her down the aisle wearing a big inflatable T-Rex costume with a beautiful bouquet in her hand. But, we couldn't be happier reading such an entertaining and hilarious post.

3. Christina's Stunt Left Internet Rolling With Laughter







Christina made sure to share the post on her social media and to her surprise, the post went viral overnight. The hilarious pictures were shared thousands of times on social media. Clearly, the Internet loved the joke she pulled off and probably left everyone in tears of laughter. 

4. Watch The Video And Give Yourself A Good Laugh




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