Man's Dog Died So Ended Up Adopting Ten Senior Dogs

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Man's Dog Died So Ended Up Adopting Ten Senior Dogs

Loving someone that needs you...that needs you to love them, is the best thing ever, says Greig. Meet Steve Greig who is a proud father of 10 seniors dogs called "The Wolf Gang". How he ended up adopting them is a story that's worth listening to.

Steve Greig is an ordinary man with a heart of gold. He got his love for dogs from his parents and is now a proud father of 10 senior dogs and a menagerie of cats, chickens, ducks, pigeons, a rabbit, and a pond full of fish. How he ended up adopting senior dogs is a story that's worth a read.

1. A True Animal Lover

Steve Greig, an accountant from Colorado is what you call a true animal lover. When one of his dogs died, he got truly depressed and decided the only way he can feel better is by doing something good. So he went into an animal shelter and asked for those dogs that no one wanted to adopt. And guess what! He is now a proud dad of 8 senior dogs as well as his sister’s dog, and a roommate’s pooch.



2. The Wolf Gang

 He also has a pig named Bikini that thinks she's a dog and shares a home with a menagerie of cats, chickens, ducks, pigeons, a rabbit, and a pond full of fish. Not only this, but he also runs a famous Instagram page called "The Wolf Gang" that shows all the random cute activities of his furry family.



3. Most Of His Pets Have Different Diets

Greg loves to make their breakfast and that is how his day normally starts. Then he goes to his work and returns by the afternoon for his pack's lunchtime.



4. Greig Says Goodbye To Englebert

Greig's life goes on by making sure his furry family is well-groomed and healthy and he totally loves what he do. If anyone from his beloved Wolf Gang dies, he continues to adopt other senior dogs.



The picture above is of Englebert, who recently passed away. Greig wrote in his Instagram post that when Englebert died, he knew he was truly loved and that is all that matters. He says he doesn't know when he will completely heal from this.

Sometimes life punches you in the gut and sometimes it can bring you to your knees. The memorial I never wanted to write, the pain I hoped never to feel is here.
Englebert hadn't been himself for the last several days. It almost seemed as if he'd had a stroke. We were back-and-forth to the vet, test after test but nothing really conclusive. Englebert being Englebert pushed on; he tried to eat and be mighty but his little body got weaker. We found fluid in his lungs and we were able to provide some relief with medication so that in evening he could push his little head against my hand to soak up all the love I could give. The next day as I was getting ready to go back to the vet I could hear him barking commands at Doris to be still so that he could sit on her. It gave me radiant hope. That afternoon as we were leaving the vet, after more tests and new plans, in my arms, in the parking lot, when it was just the two of us, he said good bye, and then he was gone. I don't know if I will ever completely heal from this. But he knew.... I KNOW he knew how much he was truly loved. And in the end that's what matters.

5.  Meet Bikini, the pig

Meet Bikini the pig from Greig's family who thinks she is a dog. You will find a lot of adorable pictures of Bikini on Greig's Instagram.



6. How It All Begin

In The Epoch Times, Greig was quoted saying, "I grew up with a lot of pets. Both my parents were animal lovers and they pretty much always let me have whatever I wanted as long as I could take care of it. So (I adopted) a 12-year-old Chihuahua (named Eeyore) with a heart murmur and four bad knees, and I brought him home, and that was just the beginning of all the animals," he said.



7. The Wolf Gang Knows Who They Are

When asked why he adopts only senior dogs, Greig said that older dogs are wiser and know their true identity. It's easy to develop a good relationship with a person or pet who know who they are.



8. The Wolf Gang Fans

We all are now big fans of the Wolf Gang. If you also want to know what the family does on their random days then follow Greig on Instagram.




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