This Artist Did Some Funny Editing And Made The Cats Big In Size

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This Artist Did Some Funny Editing And Made The Cats Big In Size

Artist Andrey Scherbak did some funny editing to make the cats big in size to see how the world would like if this happens for real.

Andrey Scherbak is a Russian artist who is a creative director of the Moscow advertising agency and loves to photoshop huge cats in his pictures whenever he is free. He even has an Instagram account where you can see big furry friends roaming around him like they own the world. Sometimes the cats are doing grocery shopping with him and other times failing to hide in his backyard. But one thing is sure, if cats would have been as huge as they are in these pictures then they would have been the leaders as if they are not already.

1. Grocery Shopping With His Small Hooman



2. The Big Boy Also Wants To Be In The Picture



3. Probably On A Mouse Hunt



4. Play With Me



5. The Struggle To Fit In



6. Tiny Hooman Came At The Wrong Time



7. Posing For The Selfie



8. Failing To Hide



9. Busy Dreaming



10. The Poor Kitten Wants Her Personal Umbrella



11. Still Scared From The Dogs



12. In A Meditation Mood



13. I Am A Big Nice Boy



14. Catch Me Hooman



15. I Am Bigger And Cuter



16. Excuse Me Where Is The Cat Food's Shelf?



17. This Train Can't Compete With Me



18. Peek A Boo



19. Napping Around



20. Looking At The Tiny Hooman



21. Fun Beach Day



22. In A Deep Nap




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