This Couple Did “Friday the 13th” Inspired Photoshoot For Their Engagement

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This Couple Did “Friday the 13th” Inspired Photoshoot For Their Engagement

This couple loves creepy movies so much that they decided to have their engagement photoshoot done on "Friday The 13th" theme. The pictures taken by photographer Brandon Gray are scary enough to take you back to old school days when you yourself were a fan of horror stories.

These pictures will take you back to those days from childhood when you loved horror thrillers but at the same time couldn't sleep for the whole freaking nights. This couple, Vanessa Lawson and Josh Morden, is a huge fan of scary movies and decided to share their mutual love for horror stories through their photoshoot done by Brandon Gray. While it's a little weird but we also find it very creative and ones in a lifetime kind of photoshoot that one will remember forever. These pictures are from 2013 but because of its weirdness, it's still making rounds on the internet.

1. This Is Vanessa Lawson and Josh Morden Who Just Got Engaged



2. They Look The Happiest At This Moment



3. They Are Romantically Walking Near The Infamous Camp Crystal Lake



4. They Are Totally In Love



5. Standing By The Lake



6. Enjoying The Cool Air



7. Lost In Their Dreams



8. Thinking Of A Happily Ever After



9. Unaware Of What's Coming Next



10. But Then They Realized



11. That They Are Being Watched



12. But It's Too Late Now




13. They Can't Escape Now



14. The Stalker Wants Their Blood




15. The Boy Is Dead Now



16. The Girl Did Escape



17. But She Returns For Her Love



18. Too Lost In Weeping



19. And Then She Is Also Killed



20. She Lays Dead Beside Her Lover



21. There Was A Reason We Called It An Infamous Camp Crystal Lake




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