Woman Sets Up A Secret Camera In A Bird Feed Cage And The Results Are Amazing

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Woman Sets Up A Secret Camera In A Bird Feed Cage And The Results Are Amazing

Here are some beautiful pictures of all kinds of birds shared by a bird enthusiast Lisa on her social media Ostdrossel.

With a social media page “Ostdrossel” committed to post beautiful pictures of birds of all kinds, Lisa is a nature lover who is especially a bird enthusiast. A few years ago, the German native shifted to Michigan permanently and she was amazed to see all kinds of birds she encountered. She fell in love with the goldfinches, cardinals, Blue Jays and hummingbirds. To share her joy with the world, Lisa set up a secret camera in the bird's feed cage and the results she shared were astounding. She said, “My Dad is a photographer and I have studied media, so it felt like a natural thing to eventually begin experimenting with photography. The subjects were so beautiful and foreign. I wanted to share with my family and friends in Germany too.”

Lisa's camera is equipped with motion detection and time lapse pictures, she gave a sneak to her experiment of taking beautiful pictures, she explained, “I am basically using a weatherproof box to which I added a macro lens and put an action camera inside (think GoPro), mine is made by GitUp.” To lure the birds to the box, she mounts it on a tripod with a baffle underneath to “keep critters from reaching the food,” she said. Lisa is also able to attach “various feed containers to” the tripod, such as “glass bowls or hummingbird feeders.”

If she leaves her camera out for whole day, she is able to capture over 20,000 pictures and she shares the best ones on social media. “My evening pleasure and routine is to go through all of them, delete the bad ones and keep and slightly edit the ones I deem publishable.”

Treat yourself by looking at some beautiful shots that Lisa has shared exclusively on her Instagram page Ostdrossel.






































































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